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Cinnamon Bun Pull Apart Bread

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

We have been on quite the cinnamon bun kick lately. But there's something about the look of a pull apart bread that is so appealing. So, I decided to combined my 2 loves! Our cinnamon bun recipe yields quite the batch, so I tweaked it by half-ish to get the perfect loaf!

I made this recipe for a brunch with friends and it was a hit! But then again.. who can resist anything with cinnamon brown sugar?!

When preparing the slices of the bread, they will be quite snug in the pan (shown above). You may have to really squeeze the strips to get them all in and that is fine!

Proofing is very important in this step! This gives the dough time to expand into the shape of the pan.

Fresh out of the oven!

In comparison to our cinnamon bun recipe, I decided to use a simple icing instead of a cream cheese icing. That way it is easier to pour and gives the bread a nice glaze

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