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Meal Prep Egg Cups

This recipe is a game changer for my mornings, especially ever since becoming a mom! I love it because it's extremely customizable and I’ve already made multiple variations of it!

How do I prep these?

I recommend refrigerating these for no longer than 5 days. If you plan on needing them longer, freeze them in an airtight freezer bag. Remove from freezer and put in the fridge the day before you plan on eating them.

Can these be made vegetarian/pescatarian?

Of course! Simply skip the salami step, but ensure that the cupcake tins are properly greased for easier removal.

Are there other options for toppings?

The options are endless! Cheddar cheese, olives, chives, feta, banana peppers, etc.! Try whisking in some ricotta cheese prior to adding the eggs into the cups for a creamier result. Or if you want more protein swap ricotta with cottage cheese! So good!

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