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Spanakopita Dip

Need a break from spinach and artichoke dip, but still want something warm, cozy and cheesy? I hear ya! After making the spanakopita grilled cheese a few months back, I couldn’t stop thinking about the filling. So, I realized.. why not make a huge batch of it???

Can I make this beforehand?

You can definitely make this ahead of time! Follow recipe up through step 3. Cover with cling wrap and refrigerate for up to 8 hours. When you are ready to bake, remove from the fridge and uncover. Allow to sit at room temperature while oven is preheating. Bake according to recipe.

Can I modify this recipe?

Of course! One fun way to switch up flavors is by adding in different herbs. You can add herbs, such as parsley, green onions, chives, etc., along with or without the dill.

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